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Rolf Österberg

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction narrative
  • Publisher: Celtica Publishing
  • Favorite writer: Terry Brooks
'Never, ever give up!'
Career Summary

I started writing at the end of my military career and published three books in a typical ‘Dutch setting’ and a poetry bundle. After I left the army, I started to work for the United Nations in different parts of the world. During that time I picked up writing again and presented my first thriller to my present publisher, Celtica Publishing, ‘De Al Qaeda Connectie’ (2014), followed by my second thriller, ‘Het Oslovirus’ (2015) and the third ‘De Zaak’ (2016). In the mean time I also started writing a Fantasy epos, ‘De Afgrond’, consisting of five books.

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Synopsis (11)
The Papyrus conspiracy Genre: Mystery, Fiction narrative "‘…Through a friend I got hold of some kind of a dictionary. It took me all weekend to decipher the text and what I le..."

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The Al-Qaeda connection Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery, Fiction narrative "For a second, the driver of the convertible stares at the scene. A terrorist has shot his friend in the face! Some pe..."

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The abyss Genre: Fantasy, Fiction narrative "‘...Orvan, if that is your name, at least. Who are you and why are you with Leila?’ A face he had not seen before hov..."

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Fragment of The Abyss Genre: Fantasy, Fiction narrative "‘... Let the archers fire their arrows when the Gwargs come within striking distance. Terminate any Gwargs that reach..."

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Fragment of The Papyrus conspiracy Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction narrative "Winston Medeiros had read the report a couple of times and he felt tired when he placed it on his desk. He turned his..."

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De Al-Qaeda Connectie - Deel I en II Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery, Fiction narrative "Fahjeed Rashwan, een tot Engelsman genaturaliseerde Saoedi, leeft een op het oog eerzaam bestaan in Londen. In werkel..."

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Het Oslo-virus Genre: Mystery, Narrative nonfiction "Als in 2019 een onbekend virus toeslaat in Zweden, kan men nog niet vermoeden wat er daadwerkelijk aan de hand is. He..."

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Oslo Virus - Swedish Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction narrative "Plötsligt kastas han tillbaka till verkligheten. Vems är barnet? Är det kvinnans barn, hon som Kaij just hade injicer..."

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Oslo-virus Genre: Mystery, Fiction narrative, Science fiction "After years of experimenting a number of Al Qaeda scientists have managed to develop an extremely malignant virus. Al..."

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Fragment van de Al-Qaeda Connectie Genre: Historical fiction, Mystery "Alaxandr doet de deur open en staat in een gang met links en rechts een paar deuren. Aan het einde loopt een trap naa..."

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Fragment The Al-Qaeda connection Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative "Alaxandr opens the door and stands in a corridor with a couple of doors to the left and right. There is a staircase l..."

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