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Deborah Van Laer

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Deborah (40) is a single mother of 4 children and a therapeutic counselor. She became a fabulous personality towards people in general, mostly for those in mental need, whichever the origin of that need might be. "From hooker to healer" , her first book (based on her life) was a bestseller only one month after publication and arrived in the Top-10 Belgian booklist. It was selected to be among the 300 books to be placed on the national digital library.

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Fragment of From hooker to healer Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction "A certainty in life: I grew up in a middle class environment. We lived in a single-family house, with a garage undern..."

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Fragment uit 'Van hooker tot healer' Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction "Ik kom uit een keurig middenklasse gezin. Wij woonden in een eengezinshuis met twee verdiepingen en een onderliggende..."

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