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    Marleen van Lanen Dutch Comedy, Fairy tale, Humor, Short story
  • Sun, 31 Jan 2016
  • Sun, 19 Jan 2020

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De onhandige tovenaar by Marleen van Lanen Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative "Er was eens... een onhandige tovenaar. Hoewel de kleine tovenaar aardig is en..."
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White - The mystery of t... by Marleen van Lanen Genre: Comedy, Fairy tale, Humor, Comics "'White: the mystery of the missing colors' is a happy story about the power o..."
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Wit, het raadsel van de ... by Marleen van Lanen Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative "Als Meneer de schilder niet weet wat hij moet schilderen, verdwijnen ineens a..."
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  • The clumsy wizard

  • Excerpt:

    Once upon a time there was a clumy wizard. He was really sweet and nice, but very gawky. Everytime he tried to do a magic trick, something else happend. It made him very sad. What could he do? Unexpectedly a little witch fell out of the sky, just as clumsy as he is.