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  • Mon, 23 Nov 2015
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The Shaedon Resurgence, ... by Jeffrey Debris Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science fiction "When Netherea is struck by a cataclysm that destabilizes its core, its inhabi..."
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The Shaedon Resurgence, ... by Jeffrey Debris Genre: Science fiction "In the wake of the fall of Netherea the Intergalactic Alliance has worked on ..."
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  • Fragment from The Fall of Netherea

  • Excerpt:

    In the distance, a small flock of birds circled in the sky, but they did not come close to the field with the pod, scarecrow and crops on it. After a short while, one of the birds broke away and descended towards the field. With its wings spread wide, it glided down and landed on the right shoulder of the scarecrow, who slowly raised his head to face his guest.
    ”You've returned? I wondered when you would be back,” the scarecrow said tiredly to the bird.