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    Nathalie Kokke Dutch, English Drama, Humor, Mystery, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Sat, 04 Jul 2015
  • Thu, 22 Aug 2019

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Een Valentijnsdag om noo... by Nathalie Kokke Genre: Short story "‘Schat, morgen wordt een Valentijnsdag om nooit te vergeten.’Ja, natuurlijk. ..."
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  • Sinner

  • Excerpt:

    I'd want to ask him if I'm allowed to get dressed, again, but my fear withholds me of doing so. I can't do it. I'm his property. I stare at the dashboard as I sit down in the dusty, old passenger seat once more. I can hear words from my past muttering inside my head.
    'You're nothing but a soulless object, made to be used by others. Objects don't have feelings and they don't have an opinion. The only thing you're good at is spreading your legs. You're worthless. A whore.'