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    Rolf Österberg Dutch Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction narrative
  • Sun, 12 Apr 2015
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  • Fragment of The Papyrus conspiracy

  • Excerpt:

    Winston Medeiros had read the report a couple of times and he felt tired when he placed it on his desk. He turned his chair and looked out the window, at the pilgrims who were always lingering around Saint Peter's Square. The documents had confirmed his misgivings. He needed to take urgent action to avert the impending danger, the consequences of which he didn't even want to contemplate. It was his job to take action. He had been a cardinal for over ten years, working at the Vatican since May last year. The pope, a personal friend for many years, had appointed him as chairman of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which served to protect the purity of the Roman Catholic faith and to investigate and combat all sorts of aberrations.