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    Rianne Lampers Dutch, English Fantasy, Historical fiction, Horror, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Mon, 09 Feb 2015
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  • Friend to the king

  • Excerpt:

    Garth moved his mouth close to his ear and snarled with a lowered voice: “Meven speaks the truth: the king won’t make it beyond nightfall. He won’t speak again either. But do you not believe he would emphasize that you are a man now? Then behave like a man. Carry your sorrow in your heart, in your soul, not on your tongue and your face!”
    It was as if Garth slapped him in the face. Llewellyn tore himself from his grip. His lower lip trembled and he almost did exactly what Garth advised him not to; he almost burst out in tears in front of his clan. Just in time, he realized the truth that lay in Garth's harsh words. He was not only a man now, if everything went as it was ordained, he would be king...

    * * *