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    Rianne Lampers Dutch, English Fantasy, Historical fiction, Horror, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Mon, 02 Feb 2015
  • Thu, 01 Oct 2020

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De vriend van de koning by Rianne Lampers Genre: Fantasy, Historical fiction "Garth bewoog zijn mond tot vlakbij zijn oor en snauwde met gedempte stem: “Me..."
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Fragment van De vriend v... by Rianne Lampers Genre: Fantasy "“Llewellyn?”Een vrouw was bezig met het inschenken van bier. Het horen van zi..."
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Friend to the king by Rianne Lampers Genre: Fantasy, Historical fiction "Garth moved his mouth close to his ear and snarled with a lowered voice: “Mev..."
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On the Eve of Armageddon by Rianne Lampers Genre: Horror "With his heart thumping, Mike shoots up in his bed. The horrible images he ha..."
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  • Evil Pact

  • Excerpt:

    When sixteen-year-old Monique receives a nineteenth-century dress from her grandmother, she is surprised and excited. The dress and the matching jewellery –earrings and a necklace, all with teardrop obsidian pendants– fit her Goth look perfectly.
    However, her happiness does not last long. A string of incidents will drastically change the teenager’s life.
    Who is Eloise?
    Which dark pact connects the lives of Monique and Eloise?
    Which ominous process was initiated in 2006?
    One thing is certain: the process is irreversible...