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  • Tue, 25 Mar 2014
  • Sun, 15 Dec 2019

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La Lutte by Claudio Tapia Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Two seemingly unrelated stories meet, intertwine and ultimately merge to cele..."
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La mano di Yemanjá by Claudio Tapia Genre: Drama, Historical fiction "Un mattino di novembre del 1902, avvolta nella nebbia, l’Ostia Antica salpa d..."
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Fragment uit De hand van... by Claudio Tapia Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "Het zou nog uren duren voordat de mist volledig was opgetrokken uit de baai. ..."
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  • The Hand of Yemanjá

  • Excerpt:

    We all look for ways to shed our skins from time to time, for a chance to look at the world through borrowed eyes.