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    Lina Hodel German Narrative nonfiction, Short story
  • Mon, 01 Dec 2014
  • Tue, 17 Sep 2019

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Die heutige jugend gibt ... by Lina Hodel Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Jeder von uns Jugendlichen kennt sie, die Predigen von euch, den Erwachsenen...."
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Les jeunes d'aujourd'hui... by Lina Hodel Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Tous les jeunes connaissent les clichés que nous servent les parents, les ens..."
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  • There is no such thing as the youth of today! Tips for adults

  • Excerpt:

    Every young person knows the homily delivered by parents, teachers and grandparents alike: “You know, everything was different when we were your age...”