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    Robin Schenkel German Fantasy, Short story, Fiction narrative, Science fiction
  • Tue, 07 Oct 2014
  • Tue, 17 Sep 2019

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UNS by Robin Schenkel Genre: Short story, Fiction narrative "Auf der Welt gibt es nur noch einen Staat – Unitia – und ein globales Netzwer..."
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UNS by Robin Schenkel Genre: Fiction narrative "Ce monde ne compte qu’une seule nation, Unitia, et un réseau mondial baptisé ..."
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Fragment aus 'Uns' - Uni... by Robin Schenkel Genre: Fiction narrative "Unitia, der einzige Staat des Planeten. 104-D04, Distrikt Ost 11, 11 Uhr abe..."
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  • UNS

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    In this world there is only one nation - Unitia – and a global network called P-Net. The protagonist, Martin Blank, lives under a regime of complete surveillance and control.