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    Paola Carta English, French, Italian, Spanish, Other Language Drama, Fairy tale, Poetry, Short story, Fiction narrative
  • Thu, 11 Sep 2014
  • Wed, 15 Jul 2020

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Zoe e le altre by Paola Carta Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "… Storie di crudeltà e silenzi, di povertà e fame, di umiliazione e disprezzo..."
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Frammento tratto da 'Zoe... by Paola Carta Genre: Drama, Short story, Fiction narrative "Marcinho, il ragazzo infrator* Il giorno che Marcinho scavalcò il muro del c..."
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Zoe y las demás mujeres by Paola Carta Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "… Historias de crueldad y silencios, miseria y hambre, humillación y despreci..."
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  • Zoe and the other women

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    “… Histories of cruelty and silences, poverty and hunger, humiliation and scorn. Nevertheless, she managed to get much joy, laughter, secrets, love and trust from those battered hearts. For months she had been lost in that whirlwind of emotions, a mixture between anger and powerlessness, hope and disappointment…”