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    Marilyne Walker English, French, Italian Fantasy, Science fiction
  • Thu, 31 Jul 2014
  • Wed, 26 Jun 2019
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Cosmogonies by Marilyne Walker Genre: Science fiction "A young woman quintessential of her time, Melodie lives her life like the res..."
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Cosmogonies by Marilyne Walker Genre: Science fiction "Jeune femme de son temps, Mélodie vit à l’image de sa génération : à toute vi..."
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Cosmogonies by Marilyne Walker Genre: Fantasy "Melodie, una joven típica de su época, vive la vida como el resto de su gener..."
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  • Excerpt:

    Another airport. Another long wait in a flimsy gangway, too narrow to let more than one person through at a time: bottleneck; guaranteed suffocation. Jaded, Mélodie takes her place in the queue. The crowd of transatlantic flight 316 from Vancouver seamlessly splits into two groups upon arrival: the solo travelers and the others. She’s part of the former category. The big herd disembarks, one by one. Isolated in her bubble by her headphones, Mélodie observes the small groups of people around her, seething with excitement and babbling non-stop.