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Wendy Jansen

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Narrative nonfiction
  • Publisher: Sentia Academic Publishers
  • Favorite writer: Richard Dawkins
  • Favorite book: The selfish gene
  • Favorite bookstore: V Kemenade Breda
  • Website: www.sentia-uitgeverij. nl
Career Summary

I am a lecturer and researcher in organisation theory and information management and have worked for the KMA (Dutch Defence College) and the University of Amsterdam. I have also counselled organisations on these issues. But more and more I have become an author. For many years, I have written articles and books about organisations, specifically on how organisations can survive in a time when young people in start-ups can change markets in the blink of an eye, through technology.

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Collectieve Intelligentie Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Collectieve intelligentie is het vermogen van een een groep om problemen op te lossen. In de natuur zijn veel voorbee..."

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Collective Intelligence Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction "Collective intelligence is the ability of a group to solve problems. In nature you can find many examples of collecti..."

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