Valeria Massa

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Biography, Comedy, Drama, Essay, Fairy tale, Fantasy, Historical fiction, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Mythology, Narrative nonfiction, Poetry, Satire, Short story, Speech, Comics, Fiction narrative, Science fiction, Romance
  • Favorite writer: Björn Larsson, Murakami Haruki, Henry James
  • Favorite book: "Drömmar vid havet" Björn Larsson
  • Readomatric: more than 1 book per month
'Recentemente ho letto la Bibbia. Non male, ma il personaggio principale è poco credibile. -- Woody Allen'
About me

An ambitious, highly motivated and energetic reader! ;-) Over 9 years experience of working in competitive industries and developing and managing new business opportunities. I love Swedish literature and I live in Napoli! What a combi! I love to take pictures!

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Cosmogonia Genre: Science fiction "Melodie e' una ragazza semplice, ma anche precipitosa e spericolata. Stravagante, brillante, spesso fa sogni inquieta..."

views (1053)
Viola Genre: Fantasy "Viola: the story of a woman, of a pure angel who fights for her love."

views (1446)
La mano di Yemanjá Genre: Drama, Historical fiction "Un mattino di novembre del 1902, avvolta nella nebbia, l’Ostia Antica salpa dal porto di Genova alla volta di Buenos ..."

views (984)
The sigh of the Moor Genre: Historical fiction "The Dutch couple, Hessel and Sanne, are holidaying in Andalusia, Spain. They go for a walk, but get lost. They meet a..."

views (1191)
Bouwen voor cafeïne Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Een ware lofzang op de Kiwi-koffiecultuur, met een paar van de meest geliefde koffietentjes van Nieuw-Zeeland, verspr..."

views (941)
Everything You Need to Know Genre: Fiction narrative, Romance "A bittersweet story in which corruptibility is opposed to a candid heart. For generations the Calicchias have been p..."

views (1204)
Vita, morte e miracoli Genre: Fiction narrative, Romance "Retolo è un paesino del profondo Sud Italia simile a molti altri, se non fosse che il suo cimitero è a forma di fica...."

views (1480)
Scientifish Genre: Fairy tale "A leap into the fantastic world of Corallilandia, far from the problems of the earth and where, hidden among tiny cov..."

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Ripe Recipes: A Fresh Batch by Angela Redfern Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Following the success of RIPE RECIPES, the good people at Ripe Deli have whipped up a fresh batch of recipes you can ..."

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Running on empty Genre: Biography, Drama, Mystery, Narrative nonfiction "Kenya, Sunday morning August 24th, 2008. At exactly six minutes and 39 seconds past half four, the country exploded w..."

views (1697)
The sigh of the Moor - Fragment Genre: Historical fiction, Romance "Fragment of the chapter: The Flamenco bar. Protagonist Hessel and his partner Sanne are in Granada city. They get los..."

views (1099)
War and Chance Genre: Historical fiction "Every day Thomas woke with the sick reality he was still in the war and not at home tucked up in bed waiting for his ..."

views (1443)
Great food, beautiful friendships Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "This is not just a cookbook with recipes. It is a book that tells a big part of my life story, the story of my family..."

views (1087)
Zoe e le altre Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "… Storie di crudeltà e silenzi, di povertà e fame, di umiliazione e disprezzo. Eppure lei era riuscita a tirar fuori ..."

views (2947)
The Rootless Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical fiction, Mystery, Fiction narrative, Romance "A 27-year-old photographer from Rotterdam trips on the moving walkway as she makes her way to the baggage collection ..."

views (1720)
Children who changed the world Genre: Narrative nonfiction "CHIDREN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD portrays 20 children who stood up against injustice or became a symbol of injustice don..."

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