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Silvia Santilli

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Essay
  • Publisher: Kimerik Edizioni
Career Summary

Class 1979 - Silvia Santilli, after obtaining her high school diploma in languages, spent a year studying and working in London. She then attended Udine University where she graduated with the marks of 110 cum laude as Professional in Public Relations, presenting a thesis titled Human Rights in Modern Society. After a Level II Master at the Sapienza in Rome, in Human Rights and International Law with a thesis on Euthanasia Today, she now works with Pro Loco in Offagna as assistant in administration. Una strana malattia 'A strange disease' is her first published work.

Synopsis (3)
Una strana malattia... Terribile e meravigliosa; terrificante e affascinante Genre: Biography, Essay, Narrative nonfiction "'Lo scopo principale per cui scrivo è quello di esortare i malati mentali come me a non vergognarsi, a non avere paur..."

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Frammento da Una strana malattia Genre: Biography, Essay, Narrative nonfiction "Premetto che dopo anni di malattia, e soprattutto della sua conoscenza e di me stessa, ogni volta che qualcuno mi inv..."

views (936)
A strange disease Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction, Fiction narrative "A story that describes, in a distinguished and extremely fluid manner, what a mental illness can mean, the suffering ..."

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