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Saskia Maarse

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Biography, Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story
  • Favorite writer: Arthur Japin
  • Favorite book: De overgave
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'To hit the target, you must aim a little higher.'
Career Summary

Graphic designer Saskia Maarse (1966) was open to other cultures from a young age. Working abroad in tourism, followed by her own world tour, further broadened her view of the world and its occupants. Curiosity about other cultures - within The Netherlands - gave birth to the idea for the book Tutti frutti.

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Synopsis (4)
Tutti frutti - het succes van kleurrijk en ondernemend Nederland Genre: Biography, Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Hoe is het om in Nederland te ondernemen als je roots in een ander land liggen? En wat zijn de verschillen tussen ond..."

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Tutti frutti - Succes in a colourful and enterprising Netherlands Genre: Biography, Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "What is it like being an entrepreneur in The Netherlands - if your roots are in another country? And what are the dif..."

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Tutti frutti Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Quelle est l'expérience d'un entrepreneur aux Pays-Bas, qui a ses racines dans un autre pays? Entreprendre aux Pays-B..."

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Ik maakte van mijn handicap mijn werk Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "De liefde bracht de Bulgaarse Maria Genova naar Nederland. Haar aankomst op Schiphol zal ze nooit vergeten. Ze was ba..."

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