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Ruben Gualà

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Biography, Fantasy, Narrative nonfiction, Short story, Romance
  • Publisher: Kimerik Edizioni
'I believe it is our duty to talk to future generations of mistakes made in the past.'
Career Summary

Ruben Guala’, class 1992, is an Italian writer originating from S. Benedetto Del Tronto. At only 11 he started to write short stories, then around 16 he developed a passion for drawing, especially comics – now he only designs the covers for the stories he creates – but his great love remains writing. At the beginning, he intended to keep for himself and only a few trusted friends his creations, and it was only after accidentally losing them that he felt the importance and need to publish and share his stories with everyone. “Excommunication of a Templar” is his first novel.

Synopsis (3)
Il templare scomunicato Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "Spiegare la guerra ai ragazzi non è impresa facile. Ma Ruben Gualà non è uno che si perde d’animo. Non a caso il suo ..."

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Excommunication of a Templar Genre: Historical fiction, Romance "In this novel I am about to narrate the vicissitudes of the first crusade, when Christians from all the world came to..."

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FRAMMENTO da 'Il templare scomunicato' Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative "Una decisione avventata Il cupo mantello notturno abbracciava delicatamente la cittadina di Würzburg nel Sud della G..."

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