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Robin Schenkel

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Short story, Fiction narrative, Science fiction
  • Publisher: Kommode Verlag
Career Summary

Robin was born in Zurich in 1996, lives in Fällanden and is due to complete his studies at RG Rämibuhl school in Zurich in 2014. After graduating he would like to begin studying mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich.
He used his exam preparations as an incentive to fulfil his childhood dream of writing his own book, which resulted in his novel UNS. For Robin, writing is an opportunity to shape the world.

Synopsis (4)
UNS Genre: Short story, Fiction narrative "Auf der Welt gibt es nur noch einen Staat – Unitia – und ein globales Netzwerk, P-Net genannt. Die Hauptfigur Martin ..."

views (853)
UNS Genre: Fiction narrative "In this world there is only one nation - Unitia – and a global network called P-Net. The protagonist, Martin Blank, l..."

views (899)
UNS Genre: Fiction narrative "Ce monde ne compte qu’une seule nation, Unitia, et un réseau mondial baptisé P-Net. Le protagoniste, Martin Blank, vi..."

views (856)
Fragment aus 'Uns' - Unitia, der einzige Staat des Planeten Genre: Fiction narrative "Unitia, der einzige Staat des Planeten. 104-D04, Distrikt Ost 11, 11 Uhr abends. Kollektivmitglied Martin Blank, Ko..."

views (828)