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Robert Shkurti

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Biography, Historical fiction, Narrative nonfiction, Poetry, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Publisher: Kimerik Edizioni
Career Summary

Robert Shkurti was born in Durazzo on 24 November 1962. Since 1997 he has been living with his family in Reggio Emilia, Italy. He is a qualified mechanic and has been working, for years now, as a turner for Interpump Group Spa in Calerno (RE). “Between two eras” is his second book published in Italian after “Under a sky of eagles” (Albatros il Filo, 2010), a collection of short stories, stories of Albania before and after Communist rule. Robert Shkurti has also written three novels in Albanian and a recently published collection of poems again in own language.

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Between two eras Genre: Drama, Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "“Tra due epoche-Between two eras” is a journey through remembrances of past and present, between hopes betrayed and n..."

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Tra due epoche Genre: Drama, Historical fiction, Fiction narrative "Fatmir e Fredi, amici d'infanzia, fuggiti dall'Albania durante il regime dittatoriale, si ritrovano dopo vent'anni in..."

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Frammento da 'Tra due epoche' Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "Grazie a Facebook, riallacciarono i rapporti che erano stati interrotti per una ventina d’anni. La meraviglia della s..."

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