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Rianne Lampers

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical fiction, Horror, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Publisher: Celtica Publishing
  • Favorite book: Weaveworld
  • Favorite bookstore: Het Verboden Rijk
'I'll never stop running. Not from something, but towards something.'
Career Summary

It wasn't until 1995, when I could afford a computer, that my writing really took off. I have always been a lover of the fantasy and horror genres, but the first real novel was a love story. In 2007 "Pact of Evil" was born, a horror story for which my lovely daughter, the cover model, was the inspiration. At the moment, three of my romantic novels have been published (under the pseudonym Marian Kramer) as well as two horror novels, an anthology and a Celtic fantasy. I'm a fulltime enthousiastic writer (and Publisher!), always looking for other talented writers and tales that inspire the soul.

Synopsis (7)
Vooravond van Armageddon Genre: Horror "Mike schiet met een bonkend hart overeind in bed. De afschuwelijke beelden die hij in zijn slaap gezien heeft, trekke..."

views (774)
Het duistere pact Genre: Horror "De zestienjarige Monique is blij verrast als ze van haar oma een negentiende-eeuwse robe cadeau krijgt. Samen met de ..."

views (687)
Evil Pact Genre: Horror "When sixteen-year-old Monique receives a nineteenth-century dress from her grandmother, she is surprised and excited...."

views (900)
On the Eve of Armageddon Genre: Horror "With his heart thumping, Mike shoots up in his bed. The horrible images he has seen in his sleep, pass his mind’s eye..."

views (811)
De vriend van de koning Genre: Fantasy, Historical fiction "Garth bewoog zijn mond tot vlakbij zijn oor en snauwde met gedempte stem: “Meven spreekt de waarheid: de koning zal d..."

views (1087)
Friend to the king Genre: Fantasy, Historical fiction "Garth moved his mouth close to his ear and snarled with a lowered voice: “Meven speaks the truth: the king won’t make..."

views (955)
Fragment van De vriend van de Koning Genre: Fantasy "“Llewellyn?”Een vrouw was bezig met het inschenken van bier. Het horen van zijn stem liet haar met opgetrokken wenkbr..."

views (994)