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Peter de Ruiter

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'Early birds pick the best worms'
Career Summary

Peter de Ruiter (1960) is a writer, a photographer and a publisher. He studied communication science at the University in Amsterdam. In the past ten years De Ruiter has produced about twenty books about digital photography, countries & cultures, art and human rights. Some were also published in English, French and German. A common factor of De Ruiter’s books is their even balance between words and images.
Since 2010 De Ruiter is a publisher of books and ebooks. He introduced new publishing concepts for ebooks. In 2014 he initiated the publication of Children who changed the world.

Synopsis (5)
Children who changed the world Genre: Narrative nonfiction "CHIDREN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD portrays 20 children who stood up against injustice or became a symbol of injustice don..."

views (1014)
Kinderen die de wereld hebben veranderd Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Wat is de overeenkomst tussen Malala en Anne Frank? Beiden hebben ze de ogen van de wereld geopend voor het onrecht d..."

views (1927)
Fragment uit Kinderen die de wereld hebben veranderd Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction "Kim Phuc - Het meisje van de fotoFrank Kuin Met een vriendelijke lach vraagt Kim Phuc (1963) of de afspraak kan word..."

views (1122)
Kinder die die Welt verändert haben Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Was haben Malala und Anne Frank gemeinsam? Beide haben sie die Augen der Welt geöffnet für das Unrecht, das ihnen als..."

views (1157)
Fragment from CHILDREN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "“Maybe I was put on this world to fight injustice” The leaves of the banana trees droop listlessly alongside their t..."

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