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  • Genre(s): Historical fiction, Humor, Mythology, Short story, Science fiction
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Cosmogonies Genre: Science fiction "Jeune femme de son temps, Mélodie vit à l’image de sa génération : à toute vitesse et sans limites. Elle rave, elle v..."

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Cosmogonies Genre: Science fiction "A young woman quintessential of her time, Melodie lives her life like the rest of her generation: at full speed and w..."

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Cosmogonia Genre: Science fiction "Melodie e' una ragazza semplice, ma anche precipitosa e spericolata. Stravagante, brillante, spesso fa sogni inquieta..."

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FRAGMENT of COSMOGONIES Genre: Fantasy, Fiction narrative, Science fiction "Another airport. Another long wait in a flimsy gangway, too narrow to let more than one person through at a time: bot..."

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Tout ce que vous devez savoir Genre: Fiction narrative, Romance "Un récit doux-amer dans lequel s’opposent vénalité et sincérité. Pendant des générations, les Calicchias se sont tra..."

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Everything You Need to Know Genre: Fiction narrative, Romance "A bittersweet story in which corruptibility is opposed to a candid heart. For generations the Calicchias have been p..."

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