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Paola Carta

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Drama, Fairy tale, Poetry, Short story, Fiction narrative
'No existe otro lugar de peregrinaje ni morada de felicidad semejante a mi cuerpo (Tantra, el culto de lo femenino)'
Career Summary

I was born in Sardinia, an old magic and sacred island off Italy. In my teenage years I moved to Bologna and by then I considered myself an immigrant, a walker through new lands which always welcomed me to stay, to taste, to smell, to hear ... without frontiers ... Rio, Luanda, Naples, San Salvador, Port-au-Prince, Medellín and many other towns ... I had the chance to meet beautiful human beings during my work as coordinator of integrated programmes concerning human development and, whenever possible, I included arts as a strong pedagogic means of education.

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Zoe e le altre Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "… Storie di crudeltà e silenzi, di povertà e fame, di umiliazione e disprezzo. Eppure lei era riuscita a tirar fuori ..."

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Zoe y las demás mujeres Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "… Historias de crueldad y silencios, miseria y hambre, humillación y desprecio. Sin embargo, ella consiguió sacar muc..."

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Zoe and the other women Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "“… Histories of cruelty and silences, poverty and hunger, humiliation and scorn. Nevertheless, she managed to get muc..."

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Frammento tratto da 'Zoe e le altre' Genre: Drama, Short story, Fiction narrative "Marcinho, il ragazzo infrator* Il giorno che Marcinho scavalcò il muro del centro diurno** era l’ora di pranzo. Le u..."

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