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Nathalie Kokke

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Mystery, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Publisher: Celtica Publishing
  • Favorite writer: J.K. Rowling
  • Favorite book: Dinotopia
  • Website:
''Isn't it clear enough for you, yet? For years I've been told what to do, say, think, everything! And now the only thing that's in my control gets taken away from me because everyone else thinks I've got some sort of problem!''
Career Summary

Fall, 2013. Shadows drifted through my mind, shapeshifting from monstrous forms to more humanoid shapes. It was around Halloween when they finally took on their true shapes and planted their own memories, feelings and personalities inside my brain.
"I could write a book about them," I told my friend.
"Then do so," she replies.

And so, my first novel got created. Months of research later, in december 2014, I held my own work in my hands.

It was glorious.

I'm thankful for those gloomy shadows, who've chosen me as their vessel. Their story is now told and many more will follow.

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