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Monika Schuberth

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Fairy tale, Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Poetry, Short story, Comics, Fiction narrative
  • Publisher: still looking for..
  • Favorite writer: Depends on the topic
  • Favorite book: More then just one
'All animals except humans know that the main duty of life is to enjoy it. - Samuel Butler (1612-1680) - English poet'
Career Summary

Monika Schuberth was born and raised in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. At the age of 29 she moved to Holland and changed profession from Office management to Hospitality management. In 2000 she started travelling/working in most of Europe, the Middle East and Carribean. While travelling she blogged to share her experiences through short stories and photographs. In her very own way - always with a sense of humor -. Enjoying life, travelling and preservance of our planet are themes in her artistic and upcoming literary work.

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Synopsis (4)
Die kleine Rosalinda und die sprechende Orchidee Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Short story "Die kleine Rosalinda ist ein Kristallkind und in engen Kontakt mit Mutter Natur. Ihre Erlebnisse mit und rund um Mutt..."

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Die kleine Rosalinda und das Abenteuer im Wald Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Short story "Just another glimps of my first children book in German language. Hope you enjoy reading... Greetings, Monika"

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Die kleine Rosalinda auf der Schmetterlingsfarm Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Short story "Hallo zusammen, diese Woche ein Auszug von Rosalindas Besuch auf der Schmetterlingsfarm. Viel Spass beim Lesen und ..."

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Die kleine Rosalinda im Urlaub auf Kreta Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Short story "Ab in den Urlaub! Die Sommerferien haben gerade angefangen und Rosalinda fӓhrt zum ersten Mal alleine mit den Eltern ..."

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