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Mirjam Letsch

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Essay, Narrative nonfiction
  • Publisher: Local Kitchen Stories
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'Dare & Share'
Career Summary

Mirjam is a photographer as well as a traveller with a passion for flavours, smells and colours. For over 16 years, she has worked for the Duniya foundation, an organisation that provides education and medical care for a large group of children living in an Indian slum. These special ingredients form the basis for this surprising ‘look & cook’ book: photographs of people from the slum and recipes of simple, traditional meals that Mirjam has shared with them, mostly seated on the floor amidst smiling children and smacking old ladies. The result is a varied collection of vegetarian recipes.

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Street Food Kosovo - Ricette da strada Kosovare Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Dalla pluripremiata autrice Mirjam Letsch un altro libro della serie Sreet Food (Ricette da strada), ricco di invitan..."

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Street Food Kosovo Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "A new book in the Street Food series, full of enticing recipes and beautiful photos from award-winning author Mirjam ..."

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Street Food Kosovo Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Een nieuw boek in de serie Street Food vol aanstekelijke recepten en prachtige foto’s. Na India en Vietnam is het nu ..."

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