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Martin Avi Abraham

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative
  • Publisher: Kommode Verlag
Career Summary

Martin Avi Abraham
was born in 1968 in Vienna, where he also attended school. After completing more or less successful studies in German and comparative literature and architecture, he trained in group dynamics, which led him to a successful career as a management consultant. In 2001 Martin was drawn to foreign lands and his travels took him through Granada and Tuscany to Switzerland, where he now lives, albeit with a suitcase constantly within reach. Travelling, or rather constantly being on the move and searching are also themes in his literary works. He has 1 desk in Zurich and 1 in Wien!

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Synopsis (5)
Lucky - el lagarto Genre: Fairy tale, Fiction narrative "Lucky es un joven, enérgico lagarto de Bali sediento de acción. Cuando le regalan un globo terráqueo el primer día de..."

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Lucky Der Gecko Genre: Fairy tale, Fiction narrative "Lucky ist ein junger balinesischer Gecko, voller Energie und Tatendrang. Als er zu seinem ersten Schultag einen Globu..."

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Lucky the gecko Genre: Fairy tale, Fiction narrative "Lucky is an energetic young Balinese gecko with a thirst for action. When he receives a globe as a present on his fir..."

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Lucky: Ein Gecko auf Reisen Genre: Short story, Fiction narrative "Lucky – Ein Gecko auf Reisen’ ist ein vielschichtiges Kinderbuch: Im Vordergrund der Erzählung steht die Reise, das E..."

views (1858)
Lucky – The Travelling Gecko Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative "“Lucky – The Travelling Gecko” is a multifaceted children’s book: The main focus of the story is on travelling, disco..."

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