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Marilyne Walker

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Science fiction
  • Favorite writer: Neal Stephenson, for all his early scifi work
  • Favorite book: Only Forward, debut novel of author Michael Marshall Smith
  • Favorite bookstore: Little, unknown, in Paris!
  • Website:
'The best author will be the one who is ashamed to become a writer - Friedrich Nietzsche'
Career Summary

Marilyne is as a young French author who just moved back to Europe after a long period in The States. She is a bit of an unusual character. She grew up travelling a
lot with her Italian mum and her dad
of Russian origins - a funny mix! Marilyne recently completed her first book, the science-fiction novel titled Cosmogonies. The novel, written in French, recounts Melodie, Jog and Alias’ intertwined stories which take place in different realities: Earth, the Other World, outer space and the Child-Planet. Through the eyes of
Melodie, readers get a glimpse of
life on Earth in the future!

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Synopsis (6)
Cosmogonies Genre: Science fiction "Jeune femme de son temps, Mélodie vit à l’image de sa génération : à toute vitesse et sans limites. Elle rave, elle v..."

views (2958)
Cosmogonies Genre: Science fiction "A young woman quintessential of her time, Melodie lives her life like the rest of her generation: at full speed and w..."

views (6281)
Cosmogonia Genre: Science fiction "Melodie e' una ragazza semplice, ma anche precipitosa e spericolata. Stravagante, brillante, spesso fa sogni inquieta..."

views (1164)
Cosmogonies Genre: Fantasy "Melodie, una joven típica de su época, vive la vida como el resto de su generación: a toda velocidad y sin límites. E..."

views (1175)
FRAGMENT of COSMOGONIES Genre: Fantasy, Fiction narrative, Science fiction "Another airport. Another long wait in a flimsy gangway, too narrow to let more than one person through at a time: bot..."

views (2107)
L’esprit du voyage - fragment de Cosmogonies Genre: Fantasy, Science fiction "Un autre aéroport. Une autre attente dans un couloir de débarquement, fabriqué en papier mâché, trop étroit pour lais..."

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