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Lina Hodel

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Narrative nonfiction, Short story
  • Publisher: Kommode Verlag
Career Summary

is 19 years old and is training to be a graphic designer. She likes stories and colours. She enjoys stories because they tell us so many things and loves colours because they are so wonderfully colourful. She tells stories, daydreams, writes and plays sport. She pulls faces, and likes photos and snacks. Her family, two brothers, wild friends and the boisterous children she babysits ensure that she is never bored and bring the colours to her life that she loves so much.

Synopsis (3)
Die heutige jugend gibt es nicht! Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Jeder von uns Jugendlichen kennt sie, die Predigen von euch, den Erwachsenen. Von Eltern, Lehrern oder den Grosselter..."

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There is no such thing as the youth of today! Tips for adults Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Every young person knows the homily delivered by parents, teachers and grandparents alike: “You know, everything was ..."

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Les jeunes d'aujourd'hui, ça n'existe pas! Avis aux adultes! Genre: Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Tous les jeunes connaissent les clichés que nous servent les parents, les enseignants et les grand parents. "Tu sais,..."

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