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Lideweij Bosman

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Biography, Drama, Romance
  • Publisher: LIINKT
  • Favorite writer: Bernlef
  • Favorite book: Hersenschimmen
  • Favorite bookstore: De WIjze Kater
  • Website:
'Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark ~Timber Hawkeye'
Career Summary

Lideweij Bosman lives in Utrecht, Holland. For seven years, she worked as a fashion journalist travelling Europe to report about the newest mensfashiontrends. Life was treating her well, until her boyfriend became very ill, cancer. The last big trip they’ve made together in 2013 (Kauaí, Hawaï) had such a huge impact that it needed to be written down in Naupaka..
At this point she’s writing her second book (breaking taboos, prejudices, grieve and new love) and creating awareness around caregivers heavy tasks, supported by Naupaka Works. campaign, event, community and retreat.

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Synopsis (4)
Naupaka Genre: Biography, Drama, Narrative nonfiction "De hoofdrolspeler, auteur van het boek Lideweij Bosman, is dertien jaar samen met haar grote liefde Sander. Ze hadden..."

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Naupaka Genre: Biography, Drama, Narrative nonfiction, Romance "The taboo-breaking autobiographical debut of journalist Lideweij Bosman was quite controversial. The daily Dutch qual..."

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Naupaka Genre: Drama, Narrative nonfiction, Romance "La protagonista y autora del libro, Lideweij Bosman, lleva trece años viviendo con su gran amor, Sánder. Lo tenían to..."

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Naupaka Genre: Biography, Drama, Narrative nonfiction, Romance "Il debutto autobiografico della giornalista Lideweij Bosman é stato alquanto controverso. Il noto quotidiano olandese..."

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