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Lauren Marriott

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Fairy tale, Short story, Comics
  • Publisher: Beatnik Publishing
Career Summary

Lauren Marriott is from the East Coast of New Zealand. As a child she was perpetually sandy with curls that seemed to grow right out of her brain, fertilised by wild ideas and imaginings. Any of her time not spent at the beach was spent doodling. Endlessly doodling. There was never any questioning her career path. And since graduating from Massey University with a Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Illustration, she has made a successful living of doodling. Endlessly. Her work has spanned all areas of the creative industry from advertising to film, fashion to online media.

Synopsis (3)
Io sono il Gatto Ghirigoro Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative "Il Gatto Ghirigoro é uno scarabocchio sicuro di sé. Veramente felice di essere rosso, é il disegno piú orgoglioso che..."

views (948)
I'm Doodle Cat Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Comics, Fiction narrative "Doodle Cat is a confident squiggle. He really enjoys being red, and is just about the proudest drawing you’ll ever fi..."

views (904)
Doodle Cat Genre: Fairy tale, Short story, Fiction narrative "Doodle Cat is een eigenwijze krabbel. Hij vindt het leuk om rood te zijn en is zo trots als een tekening maar kan zij..."

views (1162)