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Kerin Freeman

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Biography, Drama, Historical fiction, Narrative nonfiction
  • Publisher: Black Rose Writing
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'"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see" John Burroughs'
Career Summary

Editing/Proof Reading/ Author of War and Chance published by Black Rose. a novel about a young Southampton lad who is conscripted into the British Army and sent to fight on the battlefields of WWII in France. Thomas Collins witnesses sights far beyond his imagination.
Author of Jack Howard's War to be published later this year by Pen & Sword, UK. A true story of an Earl who became a British spy in WWII.
Author of a work in progress, a true story about a young Liverpool lad who chanced his luck in New Zealand. However, he met his end on the gallows in 1955

Synopsis (4)
War and Chance Genre: Historical fiction "Every day Thomas woke with the sick reality he was still in the war and not at home tucked up in bed waiting for his ..."

views (1577)
Oorlog en toeval Genre: Historical fiction "Nadat hij is opgeroepen voor het leger in 1940, wordt de 18-jarige Thomas Collins naar Frankrijk gezonden waar hij ge..."

views (960)
FRAGMENT of WAR AND CHANCE Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "‘…There are so many ways to say ‘Goodbye’. It takes only a minute to say ‘hello’, but a lifetime to say ‘Goodbye, I m..."

views (963)
The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl Genre: Biography ""He's a useful friend, the Earl. Quite a character... Mixed up in some extraordinary business at the time of Dunkirk...."

views (809)