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Heather McAllister

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Essay, Narrative nonfiction
  • Publisher: Beatnik Publishing
Career Summary

Heather McAllister is a philosophical counsellor specialising in life-direction guidance for teenagers and adults. While she was manager of student recruitment at the University of Auckland, she spent several years counselling and advising students regarding the transition from secondary to tertiary education. She has experience as a career consultant and has also worked in corporate recruitment. Heather has a MA in Philosophy and is an adjunct member of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association.

Synopsis (3)
Who You Are is What You Do Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Author Heather McAllister has drawn on her experience as a career coach to create an essential resource for schools, ..."

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Wie je bent is wat je doet Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Auteur Heather McAllister heeft haar ervaring als carrièrecoach gebruikt om een essentieel instrument te creëren voor..."

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Fragment of Who you are is what you do Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction "We are our passions Nietzsche believed that we are our passions. They are the drivers that keep us moving on Note t..."

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