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Hans Peter Roel

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Essay, Fiction narrative, Romance
  • Publisher: N.E.X.T. Company Publishers
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'Ubung macht der Meister'
Career Summary

Hans Peter Roel (Soest, Netherlands, 1964) is a very creative thinker. He is inspiring and he has the talent to move people. He knows how to explain spirituality in a practical way, in a way that's easy to understand for everyone. Hans Peter Roel is a successful Dutch Author who has written many popular books. His mission is to inspire people to use all their powers: "By using your inner Qi power, you create a powerful and energetic lifestyle."

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Synopsis (4)
Ki, kracht van binnenuit Genre: Fiction narrative "In het spannende en aangrijpende boek ‘Ki, kracht van binnenuit’ maken we kennis met een gestresste zakenman (Peter) ..."

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Qi: The Journey of Your Life Genre: Biography, Narrative nonfiction "Qi, The Journey of Your Life In this exciting and gripping book, in thi sbook we meet a stressed businessman, Peter. ..."

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Qi - Kraft von innen heraus Genre: Biography, Essay, Fiction narrative "Im spannenden und ergreifenden Buch ‘Qi - Kraft von innen heraus’, lernen wir den gestressten Börsenhändler Peter ken..."

views (974)
The Fourth Dimension Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction "The Fourth Dimension is a story about the invisible world around us, which is crucial to our success. The book provid..."

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