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Corina Capri

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  • Gender: Female
  • Genre(s): Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Poetry, Short story
  • Publisher: Kommode Verlag
  • Website:
'touching the soul while turning the focus inwards.'
Career Summary

is a passionate graphic designer, artist and art therapist.
She lives in Zurich and works on a freelance basis on a wide variety of projects such as publications (design), commissioned works, design workshops and exhibitions.
Her training as an art therapist has enriched her graphic designs enormously. In this book she draws together all of her experiences and skills. She, too, is a kind of alchemist and loves books more than anything else in the world!

Synopsis (4)
Notebook for creative alchemists Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Alchemists master the art of transforming spirit into matter like no-one else. And if he reaches into his creative to..."

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Notebook für den kreativen Alchemisten Genre: Essay, Short story, Fiction narrative "Der Alchemist beherrscht die Umwandlung von Geist in Materie wie kein anderer. Und wenn er dazu noch in seine kreativ..."

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Notitieboek voor creatieve alchemisten Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Een alchemist beheerst als geen ander de kunst om de geest om te zetten in materie. Als hij zijn creatieve gereedscha..."

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MY NEW WEBPAGE IS ONLINE! Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Narrative nonfiction "I am very happy - finally, all my work is united: check out  "

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