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Claudio Tapia

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'Man has demonstrated that he is master of everything except his own nature. Henry Miller'
Career Summary

I was born in Chile in 1966, and exiled with my family in ’74. I was raised in the Netherlands and in the United States.

In the mid-eighties, as a Texas teenager, I began to experiment with poetry and songwriting. I quit college in my sophomore year, held a flame to a stack of traffic tickets and some neglected romances, dumped my ’86 Pontiac at the front door of my soon-to-be former employer’s, packed up my electric guitar and my hard cover copy of The Tropic of Cancer and set off for Europe somewhere in the early nineties without really much of a plan.

Synopsis (8)
The Hand of Yemanjá Genre: Historical fiction "We all look for ways to shed our skins from time to time, for a chance to look at the world through borrowed eyes."

views (928)
La mano di Yemanjá Genre: Drama, Historical fiction "Un mattino di novembre del 1902, avvolta nella nebbia, l’Ostia Antica salpa dal porto di Genova alla volta di Buenos ..."

views (1128)
De Hand van Yemanjá Genre: Historical fiction "Allemaal zoeken we naar manieren om in een nieuwe huid te kruipen, om de wereld te zien door vreemde ogen. Op een in..."

views (878)
Yemanjás hand - fragment Genre: Historical fiction, Romance "Det skulle dröja ännu några timmar innan dimman lättade från bukten. Vattnets yta var lugn, fylld av tårar; som glas ..."

views (1019)
La Lutte Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Two seemingly unrelated stories meet, intertwine and ultimately merge to celebrate the power of will over circumstanc..."

views (2194)
La Lutte - Swedish Genre: Narrative nonfiction "Två till synes orelaterade historier möts och flätas samman och firar viljekraft över omständigheter samt uppbåd över..."

views (861)
La Lutte - Norwegian Genre: Narrative nonfiction "To tilsynelatende urelaterte historier komme sammen og fletter og feire makt vil over omstendigheter og rekken av ove..."

views (758)
Fragment uit De hand van Yemanjá - Lydia Genre: Historical fiction, Fiction narrative, Romance "Het zou nog uren duren voordat de mist volledig was opgetrokken uit de baai. Het wateroppervlak was kalm, verstikt do..."

views (1095)