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Bert Kaag

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  • Gender: Male
  • Genre(s): Biography, Fiction narrative
  • Publisher: Aspekt
  • Favorite writer: A.F.Th. van der Heijden
  • Favorite book: Het leven uit een dag
  • Website:
Career Summary

Born in 1955 in a family of 5 kids in Wervershoof (The Netherlands), I always dreamed of becoming a journalist and so I did. Later on I worked as a teacher (history and French). In 1999 I founded KAMEDIA (company for writing) and I started writing again for national newspapers but also theater plays. I also worked for the Music Theatre production ‘Etage’ and I co-founded Stichting Hoorns Muziektheater to collect money for local productions. The libretto for the opera ‘Het Portret’ is one of my finest writings, followed by many poems and short writings. 'Zwijgen' is my debut novel.

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Synopsis (2)
Zwijgen, debuutroman van Bert Kaag Genre: Fiction narrative "2 november! Jawel, ik ben zijn minnares, maar daarnaast ook journaliste. Met een missie nog wel, want ik wil de verge..."

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Silence Genre: Fiction narrative " – 2 November – Yes, I am his lover, but I am also a journalist. And one with a mission, because I want to escape obs..."

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