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Ben Crawford

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  • Genre(s): Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Fiction narrative
  • Publisher: Beatnik Publishing
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Career Summary

Design and architecture have always been a passion for Ben Crawford which was publicly showcased when he and his sister won The Block NZ 2012, their amazing design-led house sending the auction room into a bidding frenzy. As well as running their advertising agency, Libby & Ben, he writes a well-regarded design column for The Herald on Sunday. The column is very much along the same lines as Built For Caffeine published by Beatnik Publishing, which has been an idea in germination for quite some time. It combines Ben's love of design, photography and coffee.

Synopsis (3)
Built for Caffeine Genre: Essay, Short story "A true celebration of Kiwi café culture, featuring some of New Zealand’s best-loved cafes, nationwide. In the land of..."

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Bouwen voor cafeïne Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Een ware lofzang op de Kiwi-koffiecultuur, met een paar van de meest geliefde koffietentjes van Nieuw-Zeeland, verspr..."

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Fatti per la caffeina Genre: Essay, Narrative nonfiction, Short story "Un’autentica celebrazione della cultura dei caffè in Nuova Zelanda, che tratta dei caffè neozelandesi più amati su sc..."

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