1. No, we are neither a publisher or an agent. We are facilitators.
  2. Authors, Publishers and Readers can easily make their own profile.
    After a couple of days Authors and Publishers receive an agreement with more details; registration will be completed after signing.
    If you change your mind, we will delete your registration after 2 weeks automatically, with no strings attached.
  3. 100 euros
  4. 250 euros
  5. 0 euros
  6. Everything we offer is written in the contract, which we will send after registration.
  7. As a Reader, you read about new Authors and their books. You follow the things you like. And you give a rating for the synopsis of your favourite new Authors. That way, you help this Author in finding a publisher in the language of your choice. By mail you will receive a weekly update on the new Authors and Synopsis, based on your preferences.
  8. When you follow a synopsis, you will follow all conversations about that synopsis. When you follow a synopsis, you will be informed if a book is indeed published in the language of your choice. Together with the publisher we will organize interesting activities for the followers of a synopsis.
  9. If you want to point out an interesting synopsis to your friends, you can send them a link by email. You can add a personal comment. From something like help me to get this translated into Dutch to something like this is something you will like! You can also create a tweet or a Facebook message.
  10. Yes, publishers will receive monthly updates about the rating our Readers have awarded a synopsis. With more followers and ratings, the possibility increases for a book to be actually translated and published.
  11. Yes we do, until late at night...
  12. Well, we think that anno 2018 it's easier to meet online to make business. If you are in the right environment you know that every member is there for a specific reason: authors to be published, publishers to discover new talents or to sell the work of their authors abroad. We have tried to design a new way of working: publishers can now look for new authors and new authors can be easily found by publishers.

    Readers add value. They can let publishers know what they would like to have published or translated.

  13. De Vrije Uitgevers (Free Publishers) offers services to around 400 small and medium publishing firms in The Netherlands. Their aim is to provide a wide range of cost-reducing facilities with which publishers can decide whether it is useful to perform all the publishing tasks themselves or to outsource (some of) them. Economics of scale can be achieved due to the large number of publishing firms which are affiliated to De Vrije Uitgevers.
    Storage and distribution of books to the (internet) bookshops via Centraal Boekhuis (main distributor of books in The Netherlands) is one of the services De Vrije Uitgevers provides. Additionally, they help with printing, web sales, production of eBooks, editing and design. De Vrije Uitgevers also provides free support and advice on finance, distribution, marketing, and more.
  14. Please send an email to, we are multilingual, we speak English, Dutch, Italian, French, German and Swedish.