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  • Lucas Keijning
  • Lukeij Boeken / De Vrije Uitgevers
  • October 2017
  • English
  • 9789082510928
  • Humor, Fiction narrative
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    Lucas Keijning Dutch, English, German, Other Language Comedy, Humor, Short story, Comics, Fiction narrative
  • Sun, 11 Mar 2018
  • Sun, 11 Mar 2018
  • Mr. and Mrs. Slob (Ebook with sounds)

  • Mr. Slob farts all the time and Mrs. Slob munches continuously. They drive each other crazy. But they both have a plan to let the other one stop their gross behavior. A story about sticky candy, dry biscuits and rotten eggs.

    The story is aimed at kids of 5 years and up, but adults like it a lot as well. The book is narrated by American-Dutch comedian Greg Shapiro. And every image gives a funny noise when clicked.